What do Detroit MI and Mana have in common?

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Lolita meet up at the DEMF
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This is a comunity for anyone intrested in the EGL, EGA, or any other japanese street fashion and would like to meet others in Detroit MI at the DEMF. All are free to join and everyone is free to post.

The DEMF will be held in Detroit Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend.

You can use this comunity to post things like your ideas for outfits, pictures of yourself, questions and other topics. Please however, limit the use of this community to things partaining to Japanese lolita fashion or the DEMF.

Flaming will not be permitted. You will be asked nicely to stop ONE TIME and then you will be banned. If you are banned from the community you will not be welcome at the meetup. Please introduce yourselves and enter a first post just to say hi, as this will help me with the roster and getting to know each of you before we meet up at the festival.

If you cannot make it to the festival, Please feel free to join anyway and have a chit chat with us... We may be holding other meetups before or after the DEMF.

I will be regualrly updating the community about the DEMF as most years it can be a little shaky weather or not the fesival will actully hold. Please check the community at least once a week for updates.

Ready...set....whip out the glowsticks with lace!

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