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Nice to meet you ^_^

Hello fellow Lolis ^_^

My name is Samantha. I'm from Redford and I'm 22 years old {My birthday is April 4th, so *almost* 23.}
I live in a funny little half underground house with a big pool and lots of land, but we might be moving soon so ~_~

I love to read and write, I also sew my own dresses and what-not. I'm not a big anime fan {I'm really picky about them} but I adore manga. I also love Ball Joint Dolls.

I'm currently unemployed {boo...} but I was previously a preschool teacher, well... til they closed my school. One of my dreams is to own a bakery/cafe and to bake sweets and such. Cafe Mai-lish got me into that. XD

I'm not too tall, and shy when it comes to talking to people.... Yes I'm perfectly fine with wearing Lolita every single day. XD I've only gotten one rude comment thus far. I would very muchly like to meet more lolitas so I can have friends that are into things that I like.

My favourite brands are Moon Afternoon, BTSSB, Metamorphose and Innocent World.

I'm very friendly once I know someone and at times I can be a little bossy.
I love to dance too and I enjoy going to City Club.

And that's pretty much it. Was that an okay introduction? hope so ^_^

I am very pleased to meet you, Let's be friends ^_^

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