This community seems dead, however, DEMF/Movement 2009 is upon us, so Im waking it the hell up.

I will be at the festival all three days this year. Please find me. Let me know exactly which day youll be there and Ill PM you my phone number... that way you can find me.

Also, I may or may not choose to wear loli all three days (I might dress like a cheap hooker one of the days)So I need to have a better understanding of when the loli's will be there, so that I can dress accordingly.

Thanks girls :)

DEMF ladies?

Its around that time again ladies! May 26,27,28 2007.

Tickets are $20 usd per day, or $41 usd for a weekend pass.

I don't have to tell those who have already been to the DEMF festival how much of a rich cultural experience and how fun it is! For those who have never been, its great fun and you wont regret going!

Please comment if your interested in going, Closer to the event we can make firmer arrangements.

Thanks ladies.

PS weather or not theres an official meet up or not, I will be there, so If you want to say hello, just say something and Ill keep and eye out for you.

Final Announcement.

This is the final announcement before the DEMF. This contains all the information that you will need to have a safe and fun time at the meetup. Please read the following very carefully.

What: DEMF 2006 Michigan Lolita Meetup.

When: 2pm Saturday evening.

Where: Outside the front doors of Cobo Hall. (Inside the doors if weather does not allow.)

Who: All are welcome. (Please look/dress the part though, this is a meetup for lovers of Japanese Lolita Fashion.)

How: A map of the location of Cobo Hall is located here

Tickets this year are $40 for a weekend pass. You may purchace them here

Why: ___<---Insert snide remark here ;D


1. Absoulutely Positively NO ALCOHOL. If you are caught with alcohol during the meetup you will be asked to remove yourself from the group.

2. Please, dress the part. Im really not asking for much, but I would like to have some nice pictures of the meetup.

3. Play nice. If you do not, You will be asked to remove yourself from the group.

4. Please do not come to the meetup under the influence of any illegal substances. Again you will be asked to remove yourself from the group.

5. Remember that alot of thought and time and planning on my part was put into this group. Please conduct yourselves like adults. Im going to be screaming and dancing and I expect you all to do the same if you like, but lets still be adults.

6. Have fun. If at anytime you need to seperate yourself from the group (you dont HAVE to hang out with us the whole day) please just have the courtesy enough to let one of us know you are leaving.

Dress code
Japanese Street Fashion

Ganguro, Fruits, Lolita (obviously), Kodona, Dandy, Aristocrat, etc. are encoraged. Strongly. But If you want to come in jeans and a t-shirt by all means do.

If youll have a guest or two joining us (like a boyfreind or a freind let them know that they dont have to dress up.)

Stay safe until I see you next time girls!

23 more days and counting.

Ok ladies. The time is almost here. 23 more days.

Is everybody ready?!

This year however the demf is not free. You must purchace a ticket to get in the door. Ticket information can be seen at www.demf.com Please visit this site today if you plan on going to the festival.

Please also be advised that our meetup point will be at the front doors of cobo hall on the INSIDE. Well will be meeting there on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. The group will wait for you until 2:40 after which we will move on.

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Please dont forget to wear your badges. And please make sure that you comment to this entry if you ARE COMING.

I will be doing the roster by the amount of people who comment here. If you want to be counted and waited for on friday you must comment.

I will be there all three days so if you cant find me on friday look for me on saturday or sunday.

IMPORTANT EDIT: please note that the time of the meetup has been changed from 4pm friday to 2 pm saturday! please do not forget this!

Important Details Part 1.

Alright girls. The DEMF is coming up soon. Id like to inform you ladies about some small details so you can get ready for it.

First off, the DEMF will be held at Hart Plaza on May 26-28. Please note, this is the Downtown Detroit Area. It will be crowded. So if you are traveling from another city you may not be familliar with the area, please use caution. Please be sure to bring any nessicary things from your car as you will most likely have to park far away. Please use common sense. This is a very large urban area. If you are not famillar with the city Id be happy to give directions and pointers, but I cannot be responsible for anything that happens to anyone while at the DEMF. This is a very very crowded party. Please be cautious. Please stick with the group. Most people are sweet as pie but there are people there who are only there because it is crowded and they have an opportunity to steal. Remember: Crowds attract crimes. Please be careful.

Now that Ive covered that little nasty bit... Lets get down to the fun stuff! I will be sending emails out sometime this week with a picture of me so that you girls will know who to look for. Closer to the event I will be sending an email with my cell phone number in case anyone needs to contact me about anything.

I would like to set up a time for us to meet on either Friday Saturday or Sunday. The event usually starts at noon, but not all of us will be able to make it there at noon (or really want to) Id say the party really doesnt get started until about 4-5pm. Lets vote on a time and place to meet.

Some familliar and easy to remember places to meet would be: The doors outside Cobo Hall, The Parking lot/ roof of Cobo Hall, The entrance to Hart Plaza, The Fountian of Hart Plaza, and the food area/court.

If you've got any suggestions please let me know.

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My name is Sarah, and I'm from Livonia. I'm 18, and homeschooled. I used to go to Churchill High School (In case anyone else knows ^^).

I love to sew, and it is slowly consuming me. My mother and her mother were sewers, so I guess it's in the blood, haha. I can't wait to have kids, so I can make them the cute dresses that my mom used to make for me!

I'm currently working on a sweet lolita jumper skirt, but I'm putting off loli projects in order to put together my Renaissance costume (I will be a noble...hoopskirt and all!) x.x

I read quite a few manga, my favorite being Kare Kano. I also love Othello, Paradise Kiss, Nana, and of course, Kamikaze Girls.

I own only one brand name item...it's the bunny apron from BTSSB. The brand I long after the most is probably Metamorphose. Oh yeah, I have Double Decker Rockinghorse Shoes...they are awesome!

I have only worn full out EGL to my boyfriend's house, and it was a hit. His mom really liked it! So once I am well, I will wear it outside. He even knows what he needs to wear to match me! That made my day, every loli needs an escort!

I'm a pretty outgoing person, so I hope to meet all of you sometime! I am really into tea, so I would love to go to a Michigan loli tea party.

Let's be friends!~

Ok Everyone!!!

So the festival is offically on. The location is as of now still under consideration but there will be a festival this year.

Ive provided a link for refrence.


So ladies... Now that we have the final go on the festival... What are we going to wear???
Enma Ai

Nice to meet you ^_^

Hello fellow Lolis ^_^

My name is Samantha. I'm from Redford and I'm 22 years old {My birthday is April 4th, so *almost* 23.}
I live in a funny little half underground house with a big pool and lots of land, but we might be moving soon so ~_~

I love to read and write, I also sew my own dresses and what-not. I'm not a big anime fan {I'm really picky about them} but I adore manga. I also love Ball Joint Dolls.

I'm currently unemployed {boo...} but I was previously a preschool teacher, well... til they closed my school. One of my dreams is to own a bakery/cafe and to bake sweets and such. Cafe Mai-lish got me into that. XD

I'm not too tall, and shy when it comes to talking to people.... Yes I'm perfectly fine with wearing Lolita every single day. XD I've only gotten one rude comment thus far. I would very muchly like to meet more lolitas so I can have friends that are into things that I like.

My favourite brands are Moon Afternoon, BTSSB, Metamorphose and Innocent World.

I'm very friendly once I know someone and at times I can be a little bossy.
I love to dance too and I enjoy going to City Club.

And that's pretty much it. Was that an okay introduction? hope so ^_^

I am very pleased to meet you, Let's be friends ^_^
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