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Final Announcement.

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May. 23rd, 2006 | 01:00 am
posted by: trancegeminii in demf_loli

This is the final announcement before the DEMF. This contains all the information that you will need to have a safe and fun time at the meetup. Please read the following very carefully.

What: DEMF 2006 Michigan Lolita Meetup.

When: 2pm Saturday evening.

Where: Outside the front doors of Cobo Hall. (Inside the doors if weather does not allow.)

Who: All are welcome. (Please look/dress the part though, this is a meetup for lovers of Japanese Lolita Fashion.)

How: A map of the location of Cobo Hall is located here

Tickets this year are $40 for a weekend pass. You may purchace them here

Why: ___<---Insert snide remark here ;D


1. Absoulutely Positively NO ALCOHOL. If you are caught with alcohol during the meetup you will be asked to remove yourself from the group.

2. Please, dress the part. Im really not asking for much, but I would like to have some nice pictures of the meetup.

3. Play nice. If you do not, You will be asked to remove yourself from the group.

4. Please do not come to the meetup under the influence of any illegal substances. Again you will be asked to remove yourself from the group.

5. Remember that alot of thought and time and planning on my part was put into this group. Please conduct yourselves like adults. Im going to be screaming and dancing and I expect you all to do the same if you like, but lets still be adults.

6. Have fun. If at anytime you need to seperate yourself from the group (you dont HAVE to hang out with us the whole day) please just have the courtesy enough to let one of us know you are leaving.

Dress code
Japanese Street Fashion

Ganguro, Fruits, Lolita (obviously), Kodona, Dandy, Aristocrat, etc. are encoraged. Strongly. But If you want to come in jeans and a t-shirt by all means do.

If youll have a guest or two joining us (like a boyfreind or a freind let them know that they dont have to dress up.)

Stay safe until I see you next time girls!

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Vain selfish sexual fantasies

From: gothstar
Date: May. 26th, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
***Link me?***

How sad. I just found otu about this and of course I work Saturday :(

have fun lolis.

btw- if any of you went to youmacon last fall I gave the jfash panel.

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